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Here you will find some videos as well as a brief explanation of our latest developments.
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13-05-2020: Assembling the prototype ventilator machine
14-05-2020: The final ventilator machine
15-05-2020: Addon battery pack
23-05-2020: Spring system on ventilator
At the end of March 2020, we were thinking about whether we could do something for the world to help in the COVID-19 crisis.  
After some discussion we quickly got to a point where we agreed.  
We believe that a usable ventilator could certainly make a small contribution to the fight against COVID-19.  
Globally, the shortage of ventilation equipment was growing noticeably.  We knew that it would not be an easy task to develop a device that can be used in a medical situation.
Searching for the right mechanical design and concept, a few weeks passed… After a lot of trial and error, some light began to shine at the end of the tunnel.  
Our mechanical concept slowly got better and better, which gave us courage to continue working until we reach our goal.
At the moment we are very close to the point where we can start producing our device.  We are very happy and proud that we have reached the point where we are now.
At this point the cost of the whole project becomes more difficult to bear and additional financial support in the format of crowdfunding would be more than welcome.  
This moment we need a financial boost to evolve from prototyping to production on a larger scale.  For this we hope we can count on a small contribution from you.  Any small or even larger contribution is very much appreciated.  With this contributions we hope to reach our goal of $50.000 which is the least need to give us the opportunity to purchase more equipment and start our production.

'' Our first goal has been reached, the first prototype has been build and is working in a testfase for a couple of days, I hope we can produce asap so that we can help to save people all around the world ''

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