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Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions

   • Can this ventilator replace a real medical ventilator?
No DP-Ventilator is a very simple ventilator that turns a manual resuscitator (ambubag) into a mechanical ventilator.  Our device is only intended to provide temporary support to patients in urgent need of mechanical ventilation, it can never replace a real medical ventilator.

   • Can the DP-Ventilator be used in a medical setting?
At the moment it is not possible to use DP-Ventilator in a medical setting.  We are working to obtain the necessary certification. We are looking forward to the moment our device can be deployed in the fight against COVID-19.

   • What settings are available on the DP-Vent device?
◦ Tidal volume in milliliters.
◦ Positive inspiration pressure in cm/H2O.
◦ Breathing rate in cycles per minute.
◦ Synchronisation: time the machine waits for breathing of patient (in assistive breathing
◦ P.E.E.P. (Positive End-expiratory Pressure) monitor. Has to be set accordingly to.
P.E.E.P. valve setting on ambubag.

   • Does the DP-Ventilator have monitoring features on-board?
◦ The machine can monitor several parameters such as spontaneous breathing (apnea) of  the patient, P.E.E.P. (Positive End- expiratory Pressure) can be monitored.

   • Does the DP-Ventilator has assistive breathing mode?
◦ Yes the machine can synchronize its ventilation cycle with the patient's spontaneous
breathing based on the negative pressure difference during a patient inspiratory cycle.

   • Is it possible to save the operating parameters of the machine?
◦ Yes, operating parameters can be save at any time.  When the settings are saved while
the machine is actively ventilating a patient and power is lost, the ventilator will resume operation with the same parameters as soon the power is restored.

   • Does the machine has emergency battery backup power?
◦ The ventilator can be connected to an optional battery backup.  When there is a power
outage the DP-Ventilator will continue to operate for at least 3 hours on battery power.

   • Can I order the DP-Ventilator already?
◦ At this point it is still to early, we are working hard making production possible in the
near future.  Please consider to support our crowdfunding campaign.

   • How can I support the DP-Ventilator project?
◦ By donating some money to our crowdfunding project or via a PayPal donation.  It                  would let us buy equipment such as laser cutters and 3D-printers to speed up the                  production process.
       ◦ Are there other ways to support the DP-Ventilator project?
           ▪ If you can support us by donating equipment we can use in the production process               such as a:
               • Laser cutter
               • 3D printer

Save the peoplewho suffer fromthe Covid-19 pandamic

Anyone who dies because he cannot get the right care is one too many. Our machine may be able to contribute under the supervision of qualified people. The global shortage of medical equipment is poignant, hopefully we can make a small difference.  If you want to help us, please consider donating a little to our crowdfunding project.
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